Tips for Dental bleaching

Long-term whitening results depend on your way of life ,you can maintain your teeth by the follows tips:

1. Smoking : It is recommendedto stoporsignificantly reducethe amount ofsmoking.

2. Drinks :You should keepa minimum consumption ofs weetened beverages,consumption of coffee,tea and redwine

3. brushing : After eatinga meal,smoking,drinking cola, etc, brush your teeth immediately.  

4. Decrease yourconsumption ofcitrus fruits: שתיית Drinking fresh juices like lemonade/orange, causes the tooth surface to become roughness from the tooth acid, and the natural color of the juice change the tooth color

5. Soda: The action does whitening the tooth but harms and cause damage to the outer surface of the tooth.

6.Routine Maintenance: Maintaining an orderly on oral hygiene,reach cleaning and visits to the dentist, to household products such as whitening toothpastes.

Good Luck!


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