SIMPLANT digital treatment planning software

SIMPLANT digital treatment planning software

SIMPLANT software offers a dental implant treatment planning tool that supports dental implantology via the computer. The software has undergone development for two decades and today is considered the world’s most advanced diagnostic tool in the field of dentistry.

SIMPLANT software is available to the dentist and enables him to diagnose and plan dental implants: SimPlant allows a dentist to diagnose complex and risky cases, and accordingly plan the placement of implants in the mouth of the patient.

SIMPLANT software creates a three-dimensional model of the mouth that shows the patient the final result of the treatment: the position of the implants in relation to the nerve, bone and teeth.
An additional benefit of the model is that in many cases it allows implant treatment without the need for preliminary operations or surgical procedures, such as bone grafting or sinus lifting.

Varioustypesofsurgicalguides are suggestedfor the implementation of SIMPLANT digital treatment. A surgical guide is preparedfor each patientbased onhisC.T.and measurements. The guidemarksthe exactlocationsofthe implants, andthe holes through which the implantsare insertedinto the jawduringimplantation.
There are different types of surgical guides, and the one chosen depends on the the case. In most cases, the "safe” guide is chosen.

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