Root canal treatment

Root canal therapy to save teeth damaged role usually decay to preserve the functional capacity Hnormlit.tifol root caries process is performed when through the crown of the tooth and dentine and reached the tooth pulp. Pulp are nervous and blood vessels that nourish the tooth. Lint title extends to the tip of the tooth roots, the sunken bones of the jaw. lint injured as stated in the process of decay progresses. Without treatment, the bacteria continue their activities towards the tip of the roots at the risk of the formation of an abscess and infection spread to the bones jaw. process of decay that involves pain, swelling, formation of pockets of pus and risk of bone. Without a root canal and removing factors inflammation , the only alternative is a tooth extraction.
Root canal treatment includes three steps:

    Removing lint from the root.
    Cleaning roots leftover space and bacteria.
    Clogging void.

Remove lint should be opened through the crown of the tooth (assuming no caries a large hole opened too). Open it go through the fluff and clean the cavity and tooth roots. Sometimes, it is necessary to introducing drugs into the pulp to eliminate bacteria and pollution prevention. This is the final stage (assuming the root treatment in a single visit does not end) specials temporary filling of the hole in the header. A return visit after opening the temporary filling, stuffing roots (usually determined canals length radiograph) and pulp cavity filling material dedicated. Compaction must be good to prevent repeated treatments. The title clog the hole, and if necessary, create a new title. Tooth root canal last fed from blood near the roots of the tooth and can function properly for many years.
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