Endodontics FAQs

Should I perform root canal treatment or extract the tooth and perform an implant?
The first priority is to save the tooth (if it can be rehabilitated) and initial root canal treatment or root renewal should be performed. In the event that the tooth cannot be rehabilitated, the tooth should be extracted and a new one implanted.

Is it necessary to extract a tooth which in the past underwent successful root canal treatment, but is now infected at the tip of the root?

There is no need to extract the tooth. In most cases, root canal treatment can be repeated to heal the infection. When treatment is not possible then root canal treatment is performed surgical through the root tip.

What’spreferable, repeated root canal treatment or surgery to remove the root tip?
Today, repeated root canal treatment has a high success rate and is still the optimal choice. You always have the option to perform a surgical procedure if necessary.

In what situations can root canal treatment not be performed?
Every case is individual, but generally in situations where there is a fracture in the tooth or the root, lack of sufficient bone support, or when the tooth cannot be restored.
However, since today’s dentists have advanced equipment at their disposal, it is possible to perform root canal treatment in almost any tooth and surgically, if necessary, in order to save the tooth.

• Must root canal treatment be performed with a microscope?
The microscope is important but not essential, and is usually used as an aid in problematic cases: calcification in the canal, tracking canal openings, working with more precision in endodontic surgical procedures. Many root canal specialists make use of a microscope.

• Should root canal treatment be repeated in the event that the first treatment failed?
In some cases it is necessary to repeat treatment. The dentist will decide on how to proceed after examining the x-rays and clinical findings. In cases where the treatment has not healed, a root canal procedure may be repeated or root canal surgery may be performed. In some cases, for rehabilitation reasons and not necessarily due to a clinical finding, treatment needs to be repeated.

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