Dr. Fadie Khoury

Owner and professional director of the "Center for Esthetics and Implant dentistry", Dr. Fadie Khoury holds a doctorate in dentistry and in 1993 graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria with honors.
Dr. Fadie Khoury continues to learn and develop professionally by participating in continuing education programs, courses, conferences and seminars, both in Israel and overseas.

Union Membership :
Dr Fadie Khoury is a member of the following organizations:

CAI Academy Congress
28-29.11.11 Verona -Italy

Controversies in Esthetic Dentistry

Istanbul, Turkey - June 2nd - 4th-2011

The Pursuit of Perfection

Gleneagles, Scotland  - May 28th - 30th-2009

Clinical Residency focused on the All-On-4 Concept
MALO Clinic Education - Portugal, 2007
Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Seminar
Israimplant Ltd. - Tel-Aviv, 2006

Laminate Veneers
Pupko Dental Ltd, 2006

The Christensen "Bottom Line" Dentistry Update andProsthetic Dentistry
Healthco, 2005

Update Course on Esthetics and Implants

School of Dental Medicine, Tel-Aviv, 2005

The 4th IFED WorldCongress, hosted by the EAED
Venice, Italy – May 27-29,  2004

Advanced Prosthodontics
The InternationalCenter for Dental Education, April 2003

Muco-Gingival Surgery
The International Centerfor Dental Education, 2003

Overdenture on Oral Implants
The InternationalCenter for Dental Education, 2003

Practical Workshop for Bone Substitute Implantation (Grafton) and Membranes (Alloderm)
Biohorizons Israel, Tel Aviv, 2003

Immediate Loading
International Center for DentalEducation, 2002

Advanced Prosthodontics for General Dentistry
International Center for Dental Education, 2002

Orthodontic Considerations in Prosthetics
TheInternational Center for Dental Education, 2001

Periodontal Implications in Esthetic Implantology
The International Center for Dental Education, 2001

Theoretical and Practical Training in the Use of Oxygen / Niitros (Laughing Gas)

Bicon Dental Implant System
Boston, Massachusetts, 2000

Workshop on the 3i System
Boston, 2000

The Search for the Ideal Implant Research and FactsSeminar
Paragon Sensible Implant Dentistry, 1999

Professional development and practical training in injecting fillers and Botolonium toxin A in the area of the face
Institute for Professional Development and Practical Training in Esthetic Medicine

Crown Lengthening course
Institute for Continuing Education in Dentistry

Conferences and Seminars

Comprehensive Implantology Training
Boston University Clinics andSymposium, 2000

The Ninth Annual International Symposium on Implantology
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A, 2000

Ninth Annual International Symposium on Implantology
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A, 2000

The Forth Congress of the International Federation ofEsthetic Dentistry
by the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, Venice, Italy, 2004

The First International Conference: Dental Implantology– "Simplifying the Challenge”
Center for the Advancement of Research in Dental Implantology, Tel-Aviv Israel, 2005

The Third International Conference of the IsraeliAssociation of Oral Implantology (IAOI)
"Future Trends in Implantology”,Eilat, Israel, 2007

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