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Brite Smile teeth whitening in an hour
BriteSmile teeth whitening technique relies on two winning elements that promise impressive results: a special gel to increase whitening and a unique lamp (patented) which emits a gentle blue light, which affects the gel and speeds up the whitening process.

BriteSmile techniquedoes not involve the use of lasers or other extreme treatment methods such as aggressive scraping or heating of the tooth. Instead, BriteSmile technology is based on moderate therapeutic elements that are exceptionally effective and ensure a pleasant and completely safe whitening procedure supported by studies.

This technology, which has come to Israel for the first time, has given the BriteSmile technique a reputation as the safest and most effective teeth whitening technique in the world.

How does the technique work?
The innovative technology was developed not only to give patients safe and effective results, but also to enable a relatively short and pleasant treatment compared to other teeth whitening techniques.
In the first stage of treatment, the unique gel is carefully smeared on the patient's teeth.
In the second phase the lamp is turned on for 20 minutes under the supervision of your doctor. During this time the patient can watch television, listen to music and even take a nap.
This process should be repeated two more times for perfect results.
It is important to know that BriteSmile is a unique and exclusive technique! Treatment can only be administered by dentists who have undergone comprehensive training with the company’s experts.


What are the benefits of BriteSmile teeth whitening compared to other methods?
BriteSmile is based on the most advanced technology in teeth whitening. Objective and independent clinical studies have proven that BriteSmile whitens teeth in an hour, in an average of more than eight shades on the VITA scale, compared to other techniques which have accomplished an improvement of only six shades at the most and which provide treatment that can take several weeks. The same studies have also shown that toothpastes containing whitener, achieved at best an improvement of 1.5 shades, even after a month of use.


How is the treatment performed?
Before treatment, the dentist will examine the state of the patient’s teeth and gums and take x-rays. Then when the patient is sitting comfortably in a chair, a special BriteSmile whitening gel is smeared on the teeth and an exclusive BriteSmile light is turned on and accelerates the action of the gel. While the patient is watching TV, listening to music or taking a nap, his teeth will return to be white and shiny within an hour of safe and painless oxidized treatment.

Is the treatment safe? Is it painful?
BrightSmile treatment is safe and does not harm tooth enamel or existing fillings. The main ingredient in the gel is hydrogen peroxide, which has been used to whiten teeth for more than 100 years. The percentage of active ingredient in BriteSmile gel is 15% - 25% – a small concentration compared to other teeth whiteners – making it a safer.

Most patients do not feel any pain or sensitivity after whitening. A small number of patients may feel a dull and marginal ache after treatment. In the case of sensitivity, it is advisable to avoid drinking hot or cold drinks for 24 hours after treatment. Regular pain relievers quickly solve the problem.



How long does the BriteSmile whitening last?

Long-term results primarily depend on the patient's life habits. Smoking, drinking lots of coffee, tea and soft drinks can cause tooth re-darken. Oral hygiene and use of BrightSmile maintenance products will help to keep the teeth white for many years.

Is the BriteSmile whitening technique suitable for everyone?

Anyone can benefit from BrightSmile teeth whitening, including people with very noticable stains resulting in taking antibiotics tetracycline. The technique is especially recommended for adolescents and young adults aged 14 and up who have stained teeth from orthodontic treatment.

However, teeth whitening is not recommended for pregnant women, women who are nursing, patients who are undergoing orthodontic teeth straightening or dental restoration of crowns and bridges. All these factors will be taken into account by the dentist during initial consultation.

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