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What is Clarifying teeth?

Clarification of teeth is a technique performed by a dentist or patient himself, in order to restore the natural tooth color, or as close as possible to it. For this purpose, spreading dentist active chemical outer layer or inner tooth. The active substance normally found in various skin lightening product is Hidrog'n peroxide or Krbmid peroxide, and take any oxidation.

Why change the color your teeth?
Tooth consists of two layers: the outer layer is a layer of enamel, colored transparent. The second layer is the dentin shades of brown and yellow. As the thinner the layer of enamel, dentin layer that is reflected through one of the reasons more yellow teeth.
A layer of enamel erosion is the result of a number of factors not the least of which is the age advances, which creates a more natural sedimentation of the enamel. For this reason, older people's teeth darker. Sometimes caused erosion as a result of strong teeth brushing and / or use of strong toothpaste. Sometimes, certain types of food or drinking a lot of coffee, red wine, tea and smoking are changing the color of teeth.

Some people dark color of their teeth from birth, or it dark pathogenesis of disease that hit the outer layer (enamel). Even taking medications family H"ttratziklin "At a time when emerging teeth, dental injuries and root canal treatments may damage teeth and Lhchotn shade.

How can lighten your teeth?

There are several methods to clarify the teeth:

A. Clarifying dental clinic: This is executed by dentist treatment lasts one to two hours. Before starting treatment your doctor covering the patient's eyes to protect them from the light beams or laser involved. It also separates the patient's teeth lips, oral cavity and gums to prevent them from coming into contact with the whitening gel. Then applied the gel to the teeth and laser aiming light or teeth. The advantage of this operation is its immediate effect. However, doctors rarely use it because the light emits heat also potentially damaging to the teeth.

B. Clarifying home teeth: There are two ways to clarify the dental needs. One is professional: the patient comes to the dentist, doctor taking measurements of the patient's teeth and prepares him white splint. A few days later the patient arrives and receives the brace as well as the bleach. At home, the patient injects into the brace sufficient clarification material and dressing the brace on his teeth. The recommended bleaching time per day is between two to four hours. Be sure material interpretation does not reside on your teeth more than two hours. Be sure material interpretation does not come into contact with the gums or mouth. Treatment using this method takes between three and six weeks, until you reach the desired color dental patient, or close to it. It is very important not to have expectations remaining in the patient Since the results of clarification are different from patient to patient. It is not recommended to arrive to white, because the color is natural white teeth and ivory.

Another way to clarify dental home is using commercial kits clarification, sold in chain stores and purchased by the patient independently.


C. Preparations clarify the teeth: this is normal toothpastes, combining teeth whitening substances into their components.

Before treatment?

    Before clarifying dental treatment is recommended to brush your teeth at least twice a day, for a week or two before the clarification, a toothpaste for sensitive teeth and use floss.
    Smokers advised to stop smoking before the operation of clarification, since smoking can damage the gums.
    It is recommended in any case before the clarification treatment, reaching dentist General dental cleaning.
    If you are due to undergo aesthetic dental crowns train, it is recommended to switch the operation two weeks ago clarification railway blockades in order to adapt color. The clarification process lasts for 48-72 hours after the cessation of operation.
    It is important to know before treatment crowns and laminate veneers do not change color, and you should know if you will need to replace them after clarification.

After treatment?

It is recommended to act according to your doctor's recommendations for maintaining a longer-term results.

    Avoid smoking and drink lots of coffee. Day to three days after treatment is recommended to avoid foods with high acidity.
    Possible tooth sensitivity, so it is recommended to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
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