ALL- ON -4-8

ALL ON 4 - שיניים ביום אחד
שיניים ביום אחד

The ALL-ON-4-8 technique provides patients with quick rehabilitation of dental function in just one day using existing jawbone without the need for bone grafting or sinus lifting. In this technique usually 4-8 implants are placed in each jaw, sometimes two of the back implants are angulated to provide rehabilitative support to the prosthetic bridge and prevent unnecessary sinus lifting or bone grafting.



Why ALL-ON-4-8 ?

The ALL-ON-4 technique provides immediate results since the implants are inserted into the bone on the first day of the implant procedure. After inserting the implants, and on the same day, a temporary acrylic bridge is screwed onto the implants (not removable) within a few hours.

Most of the stages in the ALL-ON-4technique are performed prior to the surgical procedure during which the implants are screwed into the jaw.


The planning and preparation stage of the treatment is the most important and most critical. The entire process (from the patient’s first visit to the office to the implant surgery) takes between one to two weeks and major decisions are made prior to surgery.

ALL-ON-4 technique has advantages over traditional implant procedures: It greatly shortens the implant process, significantly reduces the recovery time and requires minimal surgical intervention, thus reducing swelling and pain.

In principle, the ALL-ON-4 procedure is suitable for any patient with missing teeth or whose teeth are badly decayed and need extracting.

The ALL-ON-4 technique is performed in two ways:

1. ALL-ON-4 without surgery: involves the use of a surgical guide produced overseas; inserting the implants (without having to open the gum with a surgical knife); applying a temporary acrylic bridge which is screwed to the implants in one hour – TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR.
2. ALL-ON-4 with surgery: involves opening the gums (and if applicable, extracting teeth), inserting the implants and applying a temporary acrylic bridge which is screwed onto the implants the same day – TEETH-IN-A-DAY.

ALL-ON-4 is a very advanced dental technique which only a small number of dentists and advanced clinics can perform. The technique requires extensive experience with implants and high-level dental labs. It is worth noting that the procedure has a 98% success rate worldwide (based on data during the 16 years that the ALL-ON-4 technique has existed).

Dr Fadi Khoury studied ALL-ON-4 at the Medical Center of Dr Paulo Malo from Lisbon, Portugal, and currently performs the majority of his implants using this breakthrough technique.

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